Requests for Estimates

This page provides information and guidance on applying for retirement estimates.

You may need to request an estimate of the retirement benefits payable for one of your employees. Please note the following key points:

  • An estimate may take up to six weeks. Please be aware of this and give ample notice
  • Estimates provided at shorter notice will only be at the sanction of the Pensions Manager
  • Please remember that for retirement on the grounds of redundancy, efficiency and early retirement with employer consent there is likely to be a cost to you as the employer. Please see section Charges for Early Retirement – Capital Costs for further details
  • Please consider your request carefully as any changes to the details provided will necessitate an additional six week delay
  • If the reason for retirement is flexible retirement please be reminded that you must have a policy in place before agreeing to retirement on these grounds
  • If the estimate you are requesting is in preparation for an actual retirement you must tell us
  • Please inform us if the member is paying in-house AVC contributions.
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