Monthly Returns

Monthly pension information returns

Information and documents relating to the monthly submission of pensions information

Currently employers have the option to submit a monthly return of their pensions data to the pension fund, this however will be a requirement for all new employers.

The monthly return spreadsheet currently captures and uploads starters, leavers and hour changes for the month that is being reported.

It is important to complete the monthly return providing information for that month only, it is not a cumulative spreadsheet. 

Basic template rules:

  • If you administer several employer numbers 00***, they can be reported on the same spreadsheet
  • Every member who is on payroll for the month should be on the spreadsheet
  • If a member has opted out within three months, please ensure this is notified on the return by completing the Opt Out columns (BD – BF)
  • Members who have multiple employments should appear on separate lines on the return.
  • The Payroll / Post Number on the return must be unique and be associated with the reference number held by DCPF.
  • If you are reporting a scheme leaver in the month, please add the leaving date and leaver flags.  The next month, please remove that member/ position
  • If you are reporting a new starter in the month, please add their information to the spreadsheet and complete the cells to flag a joiner.  The next month, leave the member on the return (if they are still active) and remove the joiner flags.
  • If you are reporting an hour change in the month, please add the hour change details. The next month remove the previously reported hour change, otherwise it will create a duplicate record.

Monthly return submission

When compiling your return please ensure the following process has been completed:

  • Complete the monthly return with your data
  • Convert your excel document to CSV format (this must be CSV Comma Delimited, not CSV UTF-8, CSV Macintosh or CSV MS-DOS)
  • Load the return to the Monthly Return process on the employer portal

After the Monthly Return has been submitted

Any leavers notified on the monthly return, where a leaver form has not been submitted will generate a task in your group Work Feed on the employer portal.  An email will be sent notifying that this work is outstanding.  When you are ready to complete the leaver form, you will need to reassign the task to the member of staff (including yourself) who will be inputting the data.

Important documents

Monthly Return Template

Monthly Return Specification

Monthly Return Upload Guide

We have tried hard to capture all eventualities however we realise that this is not always possible so would be grateful should you identify anything that is not working correctly.

If you have any queries regarding the monthly return, please do not hesitate to contact the Employer Relationship and Communications Team by email on

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