New Employer Forms

Once you have successfully become a new employer under Dorset County Pension Fund (DCPF), within the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), you will be required to complete the below forms, which will enable you access to our online Employer Portal, YourFund, and also ensure that DCPF are provided with the best contact details for you, should we need to be in touch. As a Scheme Employer you will also need to draw up your employer policy on the LGPS discretions. 

YourFund is the secure internet portal for Dorset County Pension Fund employers. 

The site contains on-line forms that allow you to securely submit information relating to matters such as new starters, scheme leavers, member changes, estimate requests, etc.

In order for us to set you up on YourFund, please complete a copy of the YourFund Employer Set Up Form and return this to us as soon as possible via email to

Contact Details
DCPF also require a point of contact, address, email address and telephone number for our Employers Database and for any queries there may be regarding your Scheme members.  Please would you complete and return the contact details form

Discretions Policy
As a Scheme Employer you will need to draw up your employer policy on the LGPS discretions.  Here you can find a Discretions Template which you can utilise for this purpose if you wish. The template outlines those discretions that require a written statement and also suggests those where a written statement is not a requirement but would be advisable.

Further guidance on discretions can be found below:

and at

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