New Scheduled Bodies

Town and Parish Councils are able to use the LGPS as a pension scheme for their employees but do not have to do so. Under the LGPS regulations, Town and Parish Councils are known as designating employers, which means they can choose whether or not to use the LGPS as their pension scheme, and also who they allow to join.

To enter the scheme, the Parish Council will need to pass a ‘statutory resolution’ to enable eligible employees access to the LGPS.  A ‘statutory resolution’ is one passed in the same manner as an ordinary resolution of that body, except that 28 days notice of the meeting and the terms of the resolution must be given in the same manner as notice for an ordinary meeting is given.  Basically this means it has to be raised and approved at a Parish Council meeting.

An example of the relevant wording for the minutes is:

‘It was resolved that the Council would participate in the Local Government Pension Scheme on behalf of the Clerk (and name all / any other job roles who will be eligible).  A required notice of this intention has been placed on the notice board.  It was resolved to commence the Scheme on (date)’

Once this has been passed, please send the Dorset County Pension Fund a copy of the relevant minutes and we will begin the process. 

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