Automatic Enrolment


Between October 2012 and 2017, new government legislation applies to all LGPS employers which requires such organisations to meet a number of new pension requirements.

In brief, the main requirement is for employers to auto-enrol all Eligible Jobholders into a Qualifying Pension Scheme with effect from the employer’s Staging Date. New rules also apply surrounding opt-outs (making it more difficult for members to opt out of the scheme) and a requirement will be introduced to re-enrol staff who have opted out after a period of three years.

The LGPS Regulations will continue to apply; therefore it is up to employers to consider how both sets of legislation will apply concurrently to their organisation.

This means all categories of new staff that are currently auto-enrolled under the LGPS Regulations, must continue to be auto-enrolled after the staging date.

The purpose of the auto-enrolment legislation is to increase the number of staff across the country’s workforce that will be enrolled automatically into a qualifying pension scheme. This will not necessarily be the LGPS for all current employers, unless they are required to do so under the LGPS Regulations.

Registering with the Pension Regulator

Certificate of Compliance

Explanation of some key terms

Employee Safeguarding

Local Government Association Guides

Automatic Enrolment Information

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