Death in Service or Death of a Pensioner

If you have an employee who dies in service and who is a member of the LGPS, or you are notified of a former member’s death.

You need to complete the  Notification of a Death of Staff Member or Pensioner form and forward it to the Dorset County Pension Fund as soon as possible. If there is likely to be a delay in providing some of the information requested please send what details you have and follow with the full details when available.The following details are needed to complete this form: 

  • Date of death,
  • informant name, address, contact number and relationship to deceased,
  • next of kin name, address, contact number and relationship to deceased (if different from informant),
  • details of any potential eligible children if known.

 On receipt of this information we will write to the next of kin requesting sight of the death certificate and a copy of the Will and any other documents we may require sight of, these may include birth or marriage certificates of the spouse. Please let us know of any particular circumstance that we need to be aware of including any requests not to contact the next of kin direct. For a death of a current staff member you will also need to complete a Details of Termination form and Statement of Final Year’s Pay form. These must be sent to the Dorset County Pension Fund as soon as possible.  

Summary of Benefits Due

Death Grants
The death in service tax free lump sum, known as a Death Grant, is three times the annual pensionable pay (Final Pay). For part-time members it is three times their actual part time pensionable pay. Please encourage all members to complete an  Expression of Wish form which enables the member to name a chosen beneficiary(ies). Along with a copy of the member’s Will this makes payment of the Death Grant quicker and has tax benefits to the estate. There may be opportunities for you as an employer to remind staff from time to time of the importance and availability of this form. A Death Grant may also be payable upon the death of some retired member’s depending on when they retired and the length of time they have been in receipt of their pension. Deferred members are also entitled to a Death Grant but amounts will vary and will not be the same as for the death of an active member. 

Survivors Pensions
The LGPS provides a pension for a spouse/civil partner/nominated cohabiting partner and any eligible children. If you require further information please contact the Pensions Section. An eligible child is a child under the age of 18, or over age 18 but under the age of 23 and still in full time education, or permanently incapacitated before attaining 18 years of age. 

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